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Pulley Partner Red

Sonic Tensioner Meter

The Sonic Tension Meter provide you with accurate results by analyzing harmonic properties and by measuring the vibration frequency, you will be able to determine if your belt tension is correct. This device works on any type of synchronous belt drive system, including V-belt drives.

  • Consistent, accurate tension readings every time
  • Compact and light
  • Easy to use
  • LCD screen with black light
  • Output readings measurable in hertz, pounds or newtons
  • Improved frequency range from 10 – 5000 hertz
  • 20 memory registers for belt constants
  • Gates product number 7420-0507

Part #7420-0508

Pulley Partner Red

PulleyPartner™ / PulleyPro™ Offset Bracket

Powerful magnetic brackets hold the PulleyPartner firmly in place.

  • Includes ½ and ¾ inch adaptors

Part #KX-1050 (SET) Offset Bracket Kit

Pulley Partner Red

ConeMount Transportation Bag

All ConeMount Bearing Heater units weigh 7lbs. or less.
The sturdy ConeMount Transport Bag makes moving your unit from site to site even easier.

Part #CM-BAG

Pulley Partner Red

Temperature Indicating Crayons

Use with ConeMount Bearing Heaters

(188°F/87°C, 213°F/101°C, 225°F/107°C, 250°F/121°C, 325°F/163°C, 400°F/204°C, 500°F/260°C)

Part #188F, 213F, 225F, 250F, 325/f, 400F, 500F